Klio is a collection of open-source, production-quality tools for the Gambit Scheme system. Its development is driven from real-world requests in the field of industrial automation, and powered by state of the art researchs in information technology.

A paper involving the use of Klio has been presented at the 5th European Lisp Symposium.

Klio is also mentioned in a presentation (in Italian) about the use of Scheme in embedded system at the Better Embedded 2012.

Source code is available under LGPL license.


Klio has been used and tested on following platforms:

x86-64 OpenBSD
Mac OS X
MS Windows
x86 FreeBSD
SH-2 ucLinux

Many thanks to Marina Pettinari and Andrea Baldini for their help in porting on SH-2/ucLinux.

Klio Libraries

Utilities for day by day development: data structures, regular expressions, date and time processing, xml parsing and authoring, json conversion, database access and so on. Most of these libraries come from careful design and extensive real-world testing. A continuous effort is spent in tuning their performance and usability.

Klio Web Server

A powerful and fast web server, it offers the flexibily of dynamical languages and the performance of compiled ones. It is used in several production environments on a variety of architectures, as a key element in critical application on systems with constrainted resources.


Interfaces with PLCs using standards protocols like modbus or fetchwrite, taking advantage of meta-programming facilities for generate configurations and addresses mapping from a variety of specification sources.

Klio AI

Work in progress on simple and powerful synergy between classical AI tools (searching, plannig) and statistical and signal processing algorithim

Klio logo by Marco Benelli is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.